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We believe in empowerment through education, by leveraging open data and open source technologies to ensure every child has equitable access to quality education.

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The State of Free & Open Source Software in India report and our continuing advocacy aims to help governments switch over to FOSS and leverage the FOSS community to co-create software that is useful, equitable, transparent, and accountable.

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Law & Justice

We create and curate high quality public datasets in the areas of law and justice. We build open data portals to increase information accessibility and conduct trainings and workshops for our partners to enhance their data and tech capacity.

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Public Finance

We curate Public Finance data by following the flow of funds through budgets all the way through to public procurements. We are working on building open source tools to track, visualize, and analyze this information.

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Urban Development

We are delving into the space of urban governance, where we work towards facilitating citizen engagement through making public information accessible on open data platforms. We also work towards involving the citizens in generating information relevant to their well-being, especially during the time of disasters.

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CivicDataLab works across sectors to increase access to information. We use free and open source tools to collaborate and co-create with social change makers. We follow responsible and ethical practices to drive civic engagement and advocacy in the country.

Meet the multi-disciplinary team who work behind the scenes to make it all happen!

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